One of the major differences between AbHaulier LT and ESDAL is our easy to use mapping. See how easy it is yourself to add or amend a route!

To generate a route:

1.   Add a start address or postcode in the ‘From’ box and an end address or postcode in to ‘To’ box
2.   Press ‘Get directions’
3.   Your route will be displayed along the map in blue
4.   Change the route by hovering your mouse over the route, clicking and ‘dragging’ any part of it to another road.
5.   Click ‘All’ on the blue menu at the bottom of the screen to see any abnormal load restrictions along your route and click any of the restriction icons to see additional information about the restriction.
6.   You can zoom in or out of the map by using the '+' or '-' buttons on the right of the map or by pressing 'Ctrl' on your keyboard and using the 'scroll' on your mouse
7.   Use the ‘Yellow man’ at the right of the map to access street view, simply drop him on any road along your route

Additional instructions can be found below the interactive map.

The ‘undo change’ button acts like a back button and will remove the latest change you’ve made to the route. Move backwards as many times as you need.

Unlike ESDAL your changes do not have to made in the order of travel, change the end of your route first and then make changes to the start, it's so easy!

Unlike ESDAL your outward and return routes will be displayed on the same screen and changes to both routes can be made at the same time. Your outward route will be shown in blue. Within AbHaulier LT, your return route will also be shown on the same screen in red.

The full, step by step, route instructions are automatically added to your notification and the relevant authorities are notified.